VIPRE 10.3

Safeguards your private information and personal data against viruses
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There are many antivirus software to choose from in this day and age, but some of them are more persistent than others. VIPRE antivirus prides itself in being so good that it tends to replace any other antivirus software you have. But is it up to its boldness? Let's see.

VIPRE works based on the Active Protection technology that scans for threats
in real time to protect a PC against email-borne viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots, Trojans, etc. When I installed it, I found the performance of the antivirus satisfactory. It has all the basic functions one has come to expect from an antivirus tool, and indeed it's light and fast, at least in my case. The interface is easy to follow with quick access to all the functions, scanning is thorough both for the system and web components like suspicious links, as well as USB and other removable devices. It also has the function to safely erase files and browsing history. All in all, pretty decent functionality. The best thing it does is protect email clients such as Outlook. One can see this was originally the main feature.

So, as an antivirus solution, VIPRE is good enough. The only complaint I have is that it tends to conflict with other antivirus software. It's particularly hostile against my Kaspersky. That's what I mean when I say the program (and the developer) is very bold, almost requiring you uninstall any other protection. Still, VIPRE is good enough to give it a try as the main player.

James Lynch
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  • Conflicts with other antiviruses
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